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Alright…let’s talk shop.pepper

I’m an educated chick. Yeah, I know the name Charlie is generally a dude, but my grandfather use to call me Charlie so I went with it.

I hate Charlie for a guy because it reminds me of Charlie Brown (no offense to Charles Shultz…he did a nice job doing what he loved) and personally I can’t stand Charlie Brown. I find Pigpen way more interesting.

So, what do you wanna know about me?

I’ve been and done a lot of things, so let’s get to it.

1977: Birth

1978: Choked By Father a couple of times and probably shouldn’t have made it.

1980’s: Mother left that guy, married another, divorced him. Lived in Germany and a couple other cool places. Fatherless again.

1990’s: Lived in a 2 bedroom apartment next to a junk yard where slugs came in and attacked my mother’s slippers.
We then lived in a Trailer Park, I busted ass learning to throw 3 point baskets all summer long and talking to Appalachian Trail Hikers. I learned how to whitewater, climb and about a gazillion other outdoor stuffs. Learned to Pole Vault and Run Long Distances. Went off to college convinced I would animate. Spent some time in college being the first women wrestler and winning the state Gold for my weight class.

2000’s – Graduated Magna Cum Laude with Master’s in Education. (I went back realizing that Computer animation was not my thing. I started and ended my Bachelor’s in Animation right in the transition period of traditional character animation and Pixlar taking charge.) I knew I didn’t want to work for the large companies who would own any creative thing I did even on my off time. Back to the drawing board….I believe that I needed an advanced degree to be successful. Master’s in Ed with a Biology Cert here I come. Got a job right out the gates and enslaved myself to the political imprisonment called a public school. Worked my ass off to impress only to realize that it didn’t improve any pay or treatment because I was already at the top of the pay scale. My next steps? Getting a Doctorate for $50,000 or an administrative Cert starting at 8 grand for a measly raise, longer hours and a “golden medal” saying I was the head of the mad house.

2010’s – Got married, gave birth to some babies, continued teaching. Got ASSAULTED by a student. Got a rude awakening of how politics and dirty money works for families intertwined with the local police and flipped some crazy shit in my head. Started searching for better ways to live. Discovered the avenue of online self employment and never looked back.

Right now: I work for this blog. I work for myself. I’m in transition to leave that nasty, unsafe job and I’m well on my way to making six figures. It puts those stupid degrees I got to shame and although I know they got me here somehow, I am 100% against how our society pushes people in debt believing they can make good money by working hard by climbing the corporate ladder or getting advanced degrees. It’s all crap. (Sorry…but if you are determined enough and work hard enough, you can put your energy into money making activities to live the life you desire without a pretty piece of paper that collects dust)

The IRONY: I use to be a huge advocate for education. HUGE. It’s why I pursued teaching. I was convinced I could save the world by showing others my enthusiasm for learning and getting them excited about useless facts that 99% of them would never use again. They’d use it to pass those state tests and to get that diploma but that’s about it. I use to believe that I would save tons of money by putting it away in a savings account and investing in a 401K.

The Truth: I was a dummy.

Now I know that the best was to make the multi million lifestyle that I’m after is to learn and surround myself with those who have already obtained it in a way that I can do myself.

I work with online millionaires now and you can to.


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