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Advocare Quickie- Fast and Sweet You Get What You Need

Advocare Review


Advocare was founded a LONG time ago.  Say 20 some odd years ago.

If you think age impacts your sexiness as a mlm, you’re right.

Sexiness comes with experience and Advocare has got all that and some fishnet stockings.

In the case of mlms, age is HOT.

Advocare was started by an insurance pimp who tried it in the sack first with Herbalife (review coming soon)

With over a half million Advocare Lovers working on the internet, Advocare has taken a ridiculously hot ride up the trend scale in the mlm world.

They are legit and part of the Direct Selling Association. Men and Women alike line up to get a little smack by Advocare lovin’ and their super growth in the health field mlms.

Things weren’t always hot for Advocare, as they had to deal with some ethical issues (who doesn’t when they are freakin’ babes like Advocare on the net?) for letting two Advocare Distributors go in a bad way.

No worries though, just like with a hot chick who makes a mistake or two…she’s still hot and you can easily forgive the airheaded moment while she’s massaging your pockets with some heavy cash right?

Advocare is smart, they don’t just stick to one way and leave it at that. Like a great partner, they try out all sorts of ways to please their Advocare Distributors and that has helped them almost double in size without Viagra in 2015.

Sexy, I know.  They just can’t help it.

Advocare Products

Advocare Products consist of selling over 70 different types of hot products to help people with a slew of their inadequacies in the following areas:
◾superior weight loss
◾immaculate general nutrition
◾more energy
◾better sports performance
◾sexy skin care

Advocare products bring in a sexy sack of endorsements by the super hot Dr. Oz and even have products that have been tested and verified.

In addition to the hot trail that Advocare is already on on, they continue to heat up the mlm world by partnering with Major Sports Teams in Soccer.

Like any sexy lady or pimp daddy, Advocare comes with a little bit of controversial scam claims and haters. Jessica Hardy, an Olympic swimmer, tested positive for clenbuterol while taking the Advocare supplements and that was probably nicht so gut.  Clenbuterol can be used for performance enhancing, check out the vigorous info. on that here: Clenbuterol Info

Then a little bit ago they got slapped around for marketing to kids (like Vemma did) with their caffeinated sports drinks.  Oopsies!advocare review

But if you don’t try, how will you know how to get better right?

Like any good pimp, if what you have doesn’t work, you keep trying out the next until you find the golden ticket. Right?

Advocare made it past these setbacks and still drive it forward even with their dirty little secrets.


Advocare Review – The Executive Team

Advocare is run by a hunk of a man named Richard Wright who has all the right stuff in all the right places.

He is the current CEO of Advocare and runs the place like a boss with a rap sheet that makes your mama sweat.

Some of his attributes include:
◾growing his own mlm network to an explosive 500,000 peeps since 2007
◾He is a board member at a University
◾He achieved some major props from the National Football Foundation
◾Put on a sexy suite for work in Congress as support staff
◾Received the Beast Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst and Young

If you’re looking for sexy, Richard has it in the sack.  He’s a baller as a successful businessman and he’s proven he’s a winner in all fields.  Rolling around in the mlm bed, he can tower over any CEO’s out there in the mlm world and show them the upper position of suave strength and immaculately impressive growth factors.

Now that was the Advocare Quickie….so now what?

Should I join Advocare to Make Money?

Earning money with Advocare comes in many different ways, like with most mlms out there there are multiple ways to bring in some baller cash.

To earn extra income with Advocare, you can expect to do it this way:

  • Retail – You get to purchase the Advocare Products at a discount and sell it for profit.
  • Differential Distributor Earnings – You get to collect on the difference between what your Advocare downline gets as a discount and your own.  If you get a 40% discount and they get a 20%, you get 20% of the wholesale commission.
  • Advocare Bonuses – Of course you have to sell here. Advocare requires that you sell 5 products to five different Advocare prospects in a pay period. If you don’t, you lose the pay.
  • Once you reach Advisor level you qualify for an override of 7% on your downline up  to 3 levels deep.

If you like to blast it out of the park and love to hang with the low ballers, then hooking up with the Advocare swingers isn’t the worst way to go.  They are well known in the MLM industry and continue to grow as time goes by.

Having celebrities petting their ego doesn’t hurt either.

How many MLMs out there do you know that can say they have a Major Sports League sponsorship or Dr. Oz flaunting about their sexy ways?
MLM lovers out there and newbies alike are sure to be attracted to Advocare’s sensual enticement of deadly desirable products and charismatic charitable causes.  They make the news in good ways and all you have to do is set up a website to drive some sexy traffic to the lengthy list of products.

But, what if you  have already tried the mlm bed and wasn’t able to hit it outta the sack?advocare distributor

Well…then it’s clear you’re not a baller and you clearly need some Vivacious Enhancements.

I’m not talking about the jugs on this page, but what you will get will get about just as much attention.


When you soak up the skills my millionaire pimps can teach you, you’ll have a rack of baller tricks that make the best internet marketers drool in envy


You should be.

There’s no home parties, no spammy feeds or asking your friends and family to join your pathetic orgies….it will be you, your big balls and a huge bitch slap to the internet as you tame her down and schmooze her up to give you some lovin’.

Quit trying to make money in your baby suite in the mlm world and put your sexy email in my box and let’s talk.

You know it’s time.

About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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    I think what you said made a ton of sense. But, think about this, what if you wrote a catchier title?

    I am not suggesting your information isn’t solid, but suppose
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    kinda plain. You might peek at Yahoo’s home page and see
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    • Charlie

      Really? You think that’s plain? Have you seen this site? I am 100% disagreeing with you on that. This site is not plain. I’m pretty sure it’s lively…if not feisty. I get your point though…perhaps next time I’ll jump out of my comfort zone and say something like: “Advocare: A Review that gives your eyes an erection”

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