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American Bill Money|How to Earn Money

American Bill Money brought me out of my little crack in the wall. (Good thing because I was getting a little friendly with myself…)

So here we go, the mother of all American Bill Money Reviews you’ve been waiting for.

No really, I know you’ve been hammering down the holiday drinking hoping and praying I’d bam up the net with my slinky sexy American Bill Money Review.

It’s what I do.

So first thoughts on how to earn money with American Bill Money?

(Well..I love the rhyme!)

You know me.American Bill Money Maker

I’m a fan for unique but this?  It’s a bit antique.  (just wait, I’ll show you why)

And you know I hit up the hottest mlm companies from time to time, but to hear that American Bill Money is getting a lot of attention just boggles my mind.

Ancient Sexy I guess?

No…I’m more for the vintage type. (You’ll see why)

You can be old and beautiful and I’d say that’s what I prefer but old and sexy?

Maybe I’m just too young to “get it” in regards to that just yet.

I just can’t get past the thought of how all things wrinkle when age creeps in and it’s the things you can’t see that scare me most.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like American Bill Money.  But wait…let’s give this sexy mlm a chance right?

There’s gotta be some delicious in there somewhere right?

American Bill Money – Distributors that like that Retro Style.

Paul Korzeniowki must be a vintage dude because I can’t decide where in the world why Rosie the Rivetor would be appealing to a company.

His American themed postcards, websites and enthusiasm are just way too much.

I feel like a need a Valium pill just to swallow what he’s pushing.

Seriously…which would you rather look at:



American Bill Money Review

or This:

American Bill Money


Can you guess which one American Bill Money is?

Yeah…he’s not retro and he’s not the Patriotic Sex Slave.  He’s the lady you see walking down the parade that demands attention, been around for ages and has the aesthetics of the ancient times that keys you in to the kind of stale money you’ll make for your “concentrated” efforts…….if you can even concentrate on something like that.

Speaking of concentrating…let’s see what type of ADD mess American Bill Money sends your way.

Check out the website:

american bill money mlm reviews

The sad thing is that it gets worse.  You really have to dig to find any honey in this well.

But let’s get to it.

American Bill Money – The Products

It’s almost too embarrassing to show you this.  Poor American Bill Money.

Wait…Poor American Money that has to be defamed in such a way!

I mean if you were the money of a nation, wouldn’t you rather have a lot more sex appeal than what I’m about to show you.

You know what I think.

Here we go…put your seatbelt on:

american bill money review american bill money reviews

Image Source: http://www.americanbillmoney.com

The Amercian Bill Money Postcards folks!

Aren’t they pretty?

Retro and we’ve got a cameo from Rosie the Riveter to beat! (Beat of my head in disbelief that this type of marketing still works in anyway whatsoever).

I don’t know about you, but when I get salsa my way to the mailbox each day and I get stuff like this, I drop it likes it hot right down into my garbage can.

I don’t have time to be fantasizing about Rosie the Riveter and smiling happy faces when I know there’s real money to be had by a lot sexier means.

So what do you do with these rather unimpressive postcards?

You mail them.


But wait, maybe I’m crazy because here is an exact quote from the American Bill Money Company regarding these postcards: ” I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the best looking sales postcard you’ve ever seen !

Uhmmm.  I suppose if they work then it’s all chill.

Basically, you pay $1500 a year to send out these postcards.  The payment is really for a list of leads that you get (which you obviously send postcards to).

The postcards main intentions is to get you to pick up that phone and talk to the 800 number telemarketers on the other end who will convince you that ordering is the best decision you’ve ever made.American Bill Money 800 Number

Sadly, you’re not going to get a great phone call. It’s going to go something like this:


Them: Hey! Thanks for calling American Bill Money where you can learn how to earn money!

You: How?

Them: By giving us $1500 and mailing these awesome postcards

You:    Dumbfounded

What does American Bill Money give you if you are “smart” enough to call, order and pay?

Well…I can guarantee you it’s not the retro sexy you were hoping for by reading this mlm review.

American Bill Money Gave me Leads!

American Bill Money Gave me Leads!


You get:

Two toll free numbers

24/7 operators who answer for you

Priority Mailings to your customers

Instant payment notifications and paid the next day

Update on your company genealogy with every check

150 Leads (fresh leads…doubtful) that you send the postcard to or you can sell the leads to someone else. (icky…it’s like passing on a used condom or giving someone a fresh new venereal disease)

American Bill Money – Compensation Plan

Anytime someone is hot enough on your postcards, you get a reward.

Two actually.

One is the announcement that you got them, and the next is that you get paid.

The first way you get money is by “trying out” the American Bill Money system.

In your first month you get $75 worth of materials for $25.

You get your starter kit and a gift certificate towards 1,000 postcards (but it doesn’t specify if you have to pay more to get this.  Each person you refer to this postcard fun pays $25 and you get 100% of that.

Weird huh?

The catch?

American Bill Money is letting you earn 100% in the first month so that you can get hooked. Once you see that the program works, their goal is to get you hooked on a monthly autoship for $125/month where they send you unlimited 100% commissions but only if you upgrade.

I found two different explanation of the American Bill Money compensation plan.

One was from the site which claims you get 100% commissions after you get three affiliates, however I also found this to be different on another American Bill Money compensation plan explanation.

On another site I found this:

If they sign up for $125 /month for those awesome postcards, you get $75….but…you have to sponsor people to get this and you have to have 100 paid members paying $125.

The latter sounding way more likely.

Weird…sounding kind of like a pyramid scheme at this point and quite frankly I’ve lost interest…..but they’ve been around forever.

Is it because they are generally only using the postcard format and staying out of the spotlight online?

So how do you get paid by American Bill Money?

You have to be qualified to be Direct Deluxe in order to get the $75 residual and to get that, you have to have ….wait for it…wait for it….  ONE HUNDRED members and the Pieces of that $25 goes to your upline and your upline’s upline.

Here’s an even better kicker…

If you have a lead buy a prepaid membership in American Bill Money ($1500) you get $900 OR $300.

All I can think is scam.  This is a huge difference and it should say a lot about how much the product is actually worth (read: not much).

I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like a lot of work to get all hot and bothered only to pass on the heat to my upline.

American Bill Money – Money From Home?

With all this idle chit chat about how much money I can make, my interest in the American Bill Money Comp Plan has long atrophied my desire for much of any American Bills from this company.

I mean, do you really want to lay in bed with a bargain sample that is solely aimed to push you to the cream of the crop by a company that thinks a postcard cluttered with propaganda is going to get me grinding?

No Way.

I’m willing to bet that this grind is exactly what it looks like.  It’s just a bunch of talk.  I’ve heard of those envelope stuffers and those sticky tab placers and none of them made sexy money.

American Bill Money

American Bill Money has been in the Biz for a long time.  They claim to not offer online backoffices so that you don’t waste your time on “idle” things.

I think it just means they have something to hide.

It’s unbelievable to me that I haven’t seen any FTC shut downs.

Here’s some problems;

  1. Used leads.   (They have to be)
  2. Sponsoring 100 people.  (Do you really want to hoar yourself out like this?)
  3. The product.  (I mean really…scroll back up and look at the postcard)

Here’s my secret;

Don’t Join.


There’s a better way to get your sexy back and it brings in bigger bucks without those nasty venereal leads and postcards.

It’s time to put on your big boy pants and jump in the sexy sack.

Say goodbye to mlms and learn how to be your own boss by developing the skills to make more money by holding your own.

There’s some sexy coaching you’re missing out on that shows you exactly what you need to do and I’ve got people cooling me with money fans all the time.

We don’t pimp out our tongues for postage stamps or cut up our fingers by caressing white labels sent to us with a stupid silly starter pack.

We show up and literally BANG the net with our mad web skills and you can learn them too.

Get yourself an online coach that can show you how to bump and grind your way around the web and have everyone watching and wanting to pay you for your mad skills. (No..it’s not becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant!)

If you’ve been seriously thinking about an online career or struggling in mlm….it’s time to drop the mlm pants and put on the sexy online panties.


We schedule calls to see if YOU ARE A FIT.

We only take the people we believe will actually bury themselves in this super sexy approach to online living.

Is that you?

If you think so, Let’s talk.pampered chef dealer



If you’re not brave enough to set up a strategy call, your sexy is limp and not for this program. Our Millionaire Mentoring is for the Millionaire Minded!

If you do set up a call (You sexy Beast), tell them Charlie from bamsite.com sent you so you could learn to Bam it UP!


About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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  • Jack Cupp

    You have your comp explanation completely wrong. There is no requirement to sponsor 100 people. After 100 people you receive the full $75 per month commission on all new members not having to split with upline. That’s a benefit for staying with the program and working. As an autoship member you the full $75 start up commission from your first member on. I’ve been with american bill Money over 2 years and it’s the best home biz program I’ve found since being online over 17 years. Very few people are making real money with online mlm programs.

    • Charlie

      Thank you for the update! It definitely helps. I find it ironic that you’re with American Bill for over 17 years and then say very few people make money with mlm programs. American Bill seems like a mlm to me. Even is you don’t have an “upline” and upline still exists. How much are you making with American Bill after 17 years?

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