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Click Intensity Review – Sexy Fingers at Work

Welcome to my hot Click Intensity Review.

At the very least, you can expect an entertaining rundown of the Click Intensity Business Opportunity, Compensation Plan and whatever else that might make your toes curl.

One of the biggest turnoffs about mlm reviews is that they all start to sound the same after awhile.

Bamsite is intent on plowing through the boring humdrum wave of mlm hounds and bringing in a little sexy entertainment to those hot ass brain lobes of yours.

So here we are.

Why is Click Intensity worth looking at?

Well, if you’re fingers are hot and bothered for a new way of making money, Click Intensity might fit the bill.

Is Click Bank something that makes me want to celebrate and by paying some made cash the mlm stripper pole?

Let’s find out…

The Company

website: clickintensity.com

One spicy hot thing we absolutely love about Click Intensity is that they have the word “Intense” in their name.

It’s new.

It’s hot.

Think about it, when was the last time you thought of the word intense and didn’t get turned on in some way?

For example:

  • Intense sweating
  • Intense kissing
  • Intense caress
  • Intense orgasm
  • Intense money making…..(hell yeah)

See what I’m saying here.

Click Intensity deserves from props for the SEXY mlm name. Now…what about where they live?

Yeah…it’s ok.

The site is registered in Delaware.

Oh baby! You know it’s hot.

No, really…did you know that Delaware is where couples just can’t stop having sex even when the cops ask them to stop?

Check it out:

Click Intensity was registered in 2009 and just recently started their prelaunch efforts.

The best things come to those who wait right?

Click Intensity has been sitting around for a while, perhaps it was to learn about how to give your wallet a proper massage.

The Hotties in Charge

From all the research we could gather, this sexy God is in charge of Click Intensity:

nick johnson facebook

Brains are sexy.

That’s all you ever have to know, so if this dude is into feeding his brain cells and making money, he falls into our super hot list.

Now…let’s talk about his orgy peeps.

It seems that Nick is in a threesome.

He has been seen among the likes of a gal and guy who both support his efforts and are actively working to collect an army of sexy finger clicking happy addicts.

Their names?   Ankur Agarwal who gets around (dude has over 10K followers on facebook) and Tara Mish.

Tara Mish is sexy. She’s the Head of Communications.

She is one of the few gals we’ve seen hop on the mlm prelaunch early on and the girl likes Imagine Dragons and Patsy Cline.

How is that NOT something to get all drooling over?

Check her flirty bubby personality out in the explanation of Click Intensity here:


Our only complaint? She needs to work on her white balance baby.

We want to feel like you’re right there in the room with us.

The yellow glow in the video makes us feel sad.

We don’t need to mention how hot Ankur is. Clearly if this guy has over 10K followers he’s getting laid.

No need to say more.

As of this post, according to one source they have over 12K affiliates, but according to saucy Tara, they have just over 7K.

Tara likes to push.

As a matter of a fact, in case you didn’t watch the video she talks about 20/50 pushing.   Oh baby!

Sounds hot.

And then she hits me with the 20 people to talk to and 50 people to email to.

If you don’t have 50 people to hop in the sack with, you just buy them.


(But, I shouldn’t be surprised….it’s network marketing. Emails lists were made to be hoars) 



From the looks of it (according to our saucy Tara), the Click Intensity product will be as low as a $25.00 ad pack.

To say the Click Intensity reps are die hard getting erections over this is an understatement.

No really, did you watch the video of Tara talking about it?

If you’re kind of kinky, you might really like the Click Intensity opportunity.


Well, it’s one of those network marketing specials where you “give a massage” to a lot of people so that you can convince them to “give massages” to others to convince them to massage.

See what I’m saying.

“Hey baby, let me rub that sexy knee cap of yours, and while I’m doing it, you can watch. Oh..by the way….can I interest you in being a knee cap molester? It only costs nothing and for $25 you can open a whole new world of hot knee cap canoodeling.”

Even better is the fact that Click Intensity is bringing in a new group. The Gamers.

There is rumor that the gaming communities are a hot target for Click Intensity. Imagine gaming and then getting an ad by a Click Intensity Lover about massaging your knee caps.

(Hey….your knees can get tired from sitting and playing games all day….can’t they?)

So before we get too crazy with these knees….let’s talk faking it for a moment.

Raise your hand if you ever faked an orgasm.

(Hand up. Now if yours is not up…you need to practice. No seriously…there will come a time when you just want to get out (or have someone get out) of your slutty little sex act. You’re going to have to learn how to do it to maintain your heat factor.)

So, why do I ask about this “heated” topic?

It’s because Click Intensity, to me, seems like a faker.

It’s ok…at least they are pretty good at it.

But they are coming in with the “fake it till you make it” type of presentation by saying things like: “Our members are positioned to compete with giants like Google Adwords and Bing Ads.”

Here’s the thing.

You’re NOT in any position (pervert), unless you’ve actually taken the position. (NO…seriously…you’re a pervert…stop thinking about positions.)

In addition to their bragging libidos, these guys also are so bold as to say that everyone who participates will make money.

Did you watch the video of Tara above?

She gets to a point where she giggles and says, well…you will eventually grow so big with the 20/50 rule that you exceed the population of the planet.

Baby Girl. Tara, my love.   It might be time for you to meet Miley Cyrus. You and her got a little bit of the koo koo in you. (For the record…Tara is way hotter with her innocent approach rather than the mess of a women you see here:



Turn off.

Listen Miley…get over it!

And to Tara….I hope all you’re dreams come true. Although I’m pretty sure you’re not going to have over 54 billion in your downline, I’m going to enjoy watching your bubbly butt trying.



So What’s the poison?

Click Intensity seems to be a wee bit like My Advertising Pays in that they pay you for clicks in:

  • Social Media Activity
  • Watching Videos
  • Doing simple online tasks (makes me cringe…)
  • Clicking Ads to earn every half hour
  • Downloading apps


Click Intensity Compensation Plan

 Click Intensity Compensation Plan

One thing I have learned about mlm compensation plans is that they are scary sometimes.

You know, kind of too freaky to get the freak on.


click intensity review

Here’s the thing. When you’re ready to hop into bed with a hot mlm company, you need to be comfortable.

One thing that Click Intensity lacks for my libido in this department is the fact that they fall short of a comp plan that I would say is that of a six packed Matthew MaCoughnahey on the set of Fool’s Gold before he got botox on his face. (Yummy!)

You see, the Click Intensity Comp Plan is ridiculously short.

That makes me nervous.

It’s like when an extremely well hung man takes you home, promises you the “night of your life” and then you’re left laying awake wondering what in the heck that less than 2 minute jaunt was. You begin to ponder what to do with the snoring pile next to you that you thought was a sexpot.

Ahhhh. NO.

Click Intensity is a Five Pump Chump.

  1. They complete a “Cash Task” (sporadically) to earn some cash. (Think penny slot machine)
  2. They pump $25 cash for 1 profit share which is only paid out after it reaches $30 and expires. (This is like waiting to get your game on while the good looking bimbo primps up for 2 hours in the bathroom of the hotel you got. The “mood” is lost and you’re flaccid.   On top of that, you’re only allowed to have 4000 packs.

(Totally lost on this comp plan? Me too. Go here to see what I’m talking about: Click Intensity Compensation Plan.)

  1. Pump in your friends. When you bring your buddies into your swinging even, you get 10% on all $25 packs they purchase. ($2.50) You can also earn 5% on your personally referred members and sales.
  2.  Orgies. You make money with them.  Actually, if you get 7 levels…you earn from all 7 of them.

Here is Your 7 Generation Commission Structure.

Generation Commission Qualification.

  • Level 1:  10% commission
  • Level 2:  1% commission
  • Level 3: 0.5% commissions
  • Level 4: 0.5% commissions
  • Level 5: 0.5% commissions
  • Level 6: 0.5% commissions
  • Level 7: 2% commissions

Don’t get too excited. In order to earn these commissions, that are so ridiculously high (sarcasm), you have to have paid this much:

  • Level 1 = $25
  • Level 2 = $2500
  • Level 3 = $5000
  • Level 4 = $10,000
  • Level 5 = $25,000
  • Level 6 = $50,000
  • Level 7 = $100,000

(Yes…there are no typos. In order for you to earn the 0.5% commission for Level 3 – 6, you have to spend a minimum of $5000.)

Speaking of 5K, I know a much better place to spend your money. A sexy mama that I just met actually turned me on to this: Job Killing Coaching Program


Ok, Back to the Click Intensity Review:


5.  Gettin’ it from the Back. You earn from your backend sales. which means you get paid for all purchases.  If someone buys a product 7 levels Deep (oh baby!) then you get paid for it. You get paid based on your qualification level and not how many silver coin packs you purchase.



Click Intensity Review – Jump in the Sack?

If you’re a playa and you know peeps who will drop 100K….go for it. Take this baby and pimp it out.

But if you’re privy to a blown mind when you look at the cost of some of these ads, then perhaps this mlm is not your cup of tea.

You better find your sexy first.

You don’t want to jump into bed expecting soft caresses and end up handcuffed to the bed of mlm.

Are you pimp enough?

It seems like people are more the focus here so you better get your Vegas on.

$25 is really not that much in order to “try it out”.

So if you’re up for a little adventure, why not join, then report your findings back here.

You’ll be show cased as the sexy Click Intensity pimp that you are.

Whatever you decide, be sure to keep your sexy ON.


Please comment below if you have corrections or additions.


About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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