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Jamberry – Nail Lovin’ MLM Review

Jamberry Nails Review. Here. Now.jamberry nails

Welcome to the hottest review for Jamberry on the net.

Here’s the deal: It’s all about nail art. You’ve got hot girls, plain girls and old ladies wearing this stuff.

Who cares if it’s not worn by most men and you lose half the population as a prospect?  Jamberry Nails massages mlm pockets with a sexy and secure ride on the tails of the nail lovin’ ladies out there.

Sexy designs and a chance to get your pockets full of coinage, Jamberry Nails is a mlm that can offer you a unique and fun way to tame the beastly internet.

If you know anything about nails, you know that they cost a good bit of money and that the hot ladies spend some serious time and even more cash on the fancy designs.

In walks Jamberry to the picture.

Jamberry offers sexy and complete nails in a done for you state so all that lady has to worry about is rubbing your back and she feels like a Hollywood sex symbol.

Minus the extra income needed for such elaborate nail designs, Jamberry offers top notch looking manicures with their sexy little nail stickers for less than what you would pay in the mall or elite nail salon.

Jamberry Nails Review | The History of Jamberry Nails

Refernce: JamberryNails.com

Jamberry Nails was started from these three sisters: Christy, Keri and Lyndsey.

You think they need some sex appeal lessons?

Nah….they got the goods covered all the way down to the nail décor.

Although they may not be totally into the hot mlms I’m into because they are from Utah.  Whatever you want to say that means…

One day while looking super hot, these girls wanted to figure out a way to stop emptying their pockets to look like “da bomb” and decided to change things up and along came the Jamberry Nails mlm!

Officially launched in 2010, Christy’s hot man, Adam Hepworth, took charge as the CEO.  He has some made skills in ski manufacturing so direct sales isn’t exactly on his rap sheet. He does however have a passion for his lady’s business and totally supports the peeps who want to start a Jamberry Nails home business.

What is Jamberry Nails?

Jamberry Nails is the mlm company of the Sally Hansen nail wraps you can hook up with at Wal-Mart. Jamberry, like a boss, is bigger and better with superior designs that come in all sorts of designs, in solids, metallic and a lot more.

The cost? $15 ….yeah baby!

It’s all good right?

Jamberry Scam?

Jamberry has lost some of it’s mojo.  Jamberry distributors are finding that there is a lot that they don’t like and much of it includes things that really matter, such as:

  • Lack of good customer service
  • Nail wraps don’t last, so $15 is a lot to lose for 5 days or less
  • The sad truth is that sexy costs more and you get what you pay for with Jamberry
  • Online Internet Marketing and Training is lacking (Good thing I got your back)


Jamberry Nails Business Opportunity Review

Reference: JamberryNails.com

How do you make money with Jamberry Nails?  Well, like most mlms, you have to join.

Here’s what you do:

  1. You buy a kit.  The Jamberry Biz Kit to be exact for $99
    • The Kit comes with:
      • 100 Order forms
      • 50 Jamberry Catalogs
      • A rubber cuticle tool
      • 25 Jamberry Brochures
      • 50 Orange Sticks
      • Mini Heater
      • 5 Nail Files
      • Jamberry Consultant Guide
      • Alcohol Wipes
      • 2 Buffers
      • 3 scissors
      • 50 Jamberry Sampler Cards
      • 1 sheet of Jamberry Nails
      • 3 Sheet Credit for Jamberry Nails that you choose
      • 3 months of the Jamberry Nails Website

In addition to the kit pieces, Jamberry Nails gives you some trainings (although it was mentioned that it’s not the best) and access to weekly training calls.

Like most mlms, Jamberry Sponsors are too busy working on their own business that they don’t have time to help you too.  You are kind of own your own to find the sexy formula to bust some Jamberry Records.

To start, you need to understand the Jamberry Compensation Plan:


You make 30% commission on your personal sales and earn more money (up to 5 levels) at the tune of 5% by recruiting more Jamberry Consultants.  You have to keep a 600 points in sales volume for the year in order to stay active.


 Should you Join Jamberry Nails?

The Jamberry Nails business opportunity doesn’t really get my orgasm meter running.  I’m not into home parties with cheap ladies who would rather buy stickers than get their nails to the upscale sexiness you get by a real manicure at a real nail salon.

Eventually, like most home party mlms, you run out of family and friends and you are stuck naked and afraid wondering where your next paycheck will comes from.

You’ll be crying off to the side because Jamberry Nails didn’t teach you too much about how to drive to your site so you can continue to sell the unsexy stickers.pepper

To stay hot in the network marketing industry, you have to know how to stay on top. Period.

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Do you know how to make her lick your hot pepper?

If not, you need to  learn.

Join me and make your site POP from traffic pleasure.

But do me a favor, don’t try to earn six figures with Jamberry Nails.  There’s a better way:

Or..if you’re brave enough…let’s hook up on a strategy call:

About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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