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Olympic Idea MLM is a Total Turn Me OFF

Here at the Sexy Mlms Bamsite of the Century, we take our mlm sleuthing seriously and when we make a mistake?

Yes…we whip out the weapons of mass seduction.sexylegsmlm

We fix our grammatical errors as we find them and we try our hardest NOT to offer you anything but pure luscious mlm in a form that you can snuggle up naked with under a warm blanket.

There’s no need to get chaffed by the stubble of a poorly proofread leg of  a mlm opportunity because we fail to bash it and fix it.

Now, You are probably wondering: “What in the world is Charlie Rambling about?”  Stubble, mlm?


You see, I ran across a new mlm that was started in 2014.  I was searching for some fresh meat to write about that currently launched in 2015 and I came across the Olympic Ideas mlm.

What is Wrong with Olympic Ideas?

Clearly there must be something wrong since I’ve lost all my perkiness to pour out some lengthy lovin on the mlm masterminds that I generally find.

Today, I found Olympic Ideas and all my perk sank…..deep….down.

If I were a guy, I’d call them blue balls.  A lady?   Let’s just say, I faked it.

I tried to like this opportunity and be excited but on multiple occasions I came across some of the most disappointing things for someone who seemingly is trying to rub me the right way.

Ahhhhh No.

This is where we learn that Olympic Idea is NOT Bamsite worthy. (Sorry Mike Mingos…it’s me not you…but this IS a break up before we ever began.)

Olympic Idea is having some ….uhhh…..say….performance issues?MLM Erectile Dysfunction

First of all, I have no idea what they are about with just a quick glance at their site and as you all know… LOOKS MATTER.

Then, as I read the letters of sensuality and desire that is supposed to get my pumping and grinding my way into the Olympic Idea Opportunity, I am sadly let down beyond the depths of the dark sadness.


Olympic Idea is a Scam OR VERY VERY poorly represented by the very guy who is trying to launch it.


(By the way…the term eee gads is redirected on the dictionary site as “Interjection” which was promptly defined by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Ee+gads like this:

“ A sudden, short utterance; an ejaculation.”

Of course this made me happy.  It’s perfect for my sad…but sadly…the Olympic Idea Lacks the Ee –gads that I require to make a time investment into.

Fortunately, even with his poor presentation, Mike Mingos was able to scrape up some information on the Olympic Idea mlm that I can share with you here.

First of all:

What is Olympic Idea?

Olympic Idea is an affiliate marketing company that was started in 2014 with offices in South Carolina. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Thomas Thurber, the CEO is a good friend of Mike Mingos…but perhaps I’m wrong.

Olympic Idea actually uses the website: www.Olimpic-Idea.com which drives me nuts because for some reason this type of intentional misspelling is just NOT sexy.

On top of that, Mike Mingos uses himself in a quote on his own site saying that this is what Network Marketing Pros say about the Olympic Idea mlm.

As a matter of a fact, this is how Mike Mingos actually quotes himself..(weird… you know….like when I’m laying in bed with my hot and spicy opportunity of the decade, the very last thing I want is someone who talks about himself in third person and then says something like this: “ I haven’t seen so quick payouts ever!”.   – Mike Mingos

If you don’t’ understand what’s wrong with that…stop reading now.

If you do understand…then forgive me of my own errors, but I promise to not be that terrible and if I am, I fully expect you to throw me outta the sack.

What is even more irritating about this guy talking improperly is that he is WAY overdoing it with his plugs of www.olimpic-idea.com.   I mean seriously. It’s EVERY WHERE in his YouTube explanation of the Olympic Idea Compensation Plan.

I should sit and count how many times he plugs his site, but I just don’t have time for the amount of wordage that so severely unsexes me.sexy mlm

If I do, I might end up changing sexes.
No Thank You.  No unexpected inversions or protrusions for me please…


The Olympic Idea MLM is stated to be in the UK, Europe, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Russia, USA and Canada. (I have no clue why Europe is listed and then some European countries are also listed…it’s a bit redundant)  YAWWN!

As I continue to read about the Olympic Now Opportunity it just got worse.

There is a claim that the global recession is causing all kinds of problems. Two of the main problems are:

  1. There are Less Customers and decreased buying power
  2. Decrease in the buying power of the consumers.

Did you catch that?  He clearly states that ONE of the problems is both less customers and decreased buying power.

Now the guy can’t count.  Now if I want to join a mlm, I’m going to have to have that sexy beast of a leader be the one who can also count the amount of traffic I’m giving and the money I’m getting.

If this guy can’t count ONE properly…I’m not sure I trust this budding relationship.

Plus, this guy has one move.

Listen guys.  One MOVE is not enough if that one move is just irritating.

It’s ok to have more than one move in this game. As a matter of a fact, if your one move sucks, PLEASE try some new ones so at least it’s entertaining when you try to get me to join your sensuous adventure plan.

Mike’s plan goes a little something like this:

“Hey babe!  I couldn’t help but WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET notice that you had great skill. And I was WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET wondering if you’d join me for WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET an adventure in mlm world!”

My face will look like this:

shocking mlm


Then he will say something like this:

” Oh well WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET, you are us so WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET beautiful, come WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET on, just give me a chance. I promise WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET not to talk much and I’ll just SHOW WWW.OLIMPIC-IDEA.NET how awesome I am!”

And just when I’m about to walk away, he goes like this:

“Hey!  Look at me!  I can do something different! (whispers behind his teeth www.olimpic-idea.net) as he whips out the (ahem) gem”


Now I start running away.  Literally tripping and skipping my sexy bum outta there.

He can’t even come up with unique material, why in the world would I join his mlm?

Of course, I started this mlm review so my curiousity got the better of me. (I just couldn’t believe that this is a real mlm opportunity)

I promptly checked out his page found out even more about him.  He hasn’t updated his own page for well over a year, it’s a cluster duck of ads and affiliate options for everything on Earth including his “launching” mlm and it’s just not attractive.

Once again I say: “No Thank You”

I don’t’ care if you give me 90% profit from  my “mlm” or not.  I’d rather take 50, 40, and yes even 10 percent for a higher quality and more respectable product.

Sorry Mike Mingos, but it appears you need my coaching buddies.

I hope I’m wrong.

I hope you got so busy that you forgot to clean up your silly mess of an mlm opportunity but I have some serious doubts.

I’m breaking up with you before we even start Mr. Mike.Olympic Idea MLM Scam

I don’t care how many “Network Marketing Pros” are behind you.  None of them were smart enough to give this solid advice……

GET SEXY  before you jump in the mlm sack.

“How?”, You ask.


Join a group of superiorly sexifide mlm millionaires who teach you how to use your tools the right way.

Don’t get caught with you pants down anymore.

Know what to do and how to do it.

You’ll practice and you’ll preach and then you’ll do both and start bringing in more cash than you could imagine.

Better than that?

You won’t have to jump in the mlm hot sack at all.  You can be mlm free and help sexy local business owners seduce their clients for years to come.

Why not join the pimps of the internet and make this tramp of an online Beasty yours to tame?

mlm guru

We’ve got the goods, now come and get you some talent baby….





Please only schedule a call if you are serious about joining our mlm and online business coaching opportunity because time wasted is an opportunity not tasted….and we like to lick before we stick it.

About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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