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Pampered Chef Consultant – Sexy Enough for You?

 I can see it now: Sexy Pampered Chef Consultants

I’m sitting in a sexy outfit in the kitchen, holding my Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools in just the right way to entice you to invest in my Pampered Chef Business.

You don’t care if my Pampered Chef Garlic Press is a bit stinky because you are mesmerized by my saucy Pampered Chef Mixing Bowls and the fact that I’ve taken being a pampered chef consultant to a whole new sexy level.  I am, after all, the sexy mlm queen.

You think I’ve got you hooked on selling Pampered Chef yet?

Let’s get down to the the titty bitty of the desirable Pampered Chef Consultant Discount and find out if you’ve got the goods to make merry with this intriguing independent consultant opportunity that no doubt has ad pampered chef compensation plan.

Let’s get to it…you and I both know that a maid sexy outfit with phenomenally steaming hot cherry pie is way more likely to get your fancies hammered over any lady in a Tomboy Tools belt.  It makes sense to look at the Pampered Chef Opportunity because everyone loves food and Pampered Chef can be an everyday thing in your life. If you choose to join  after this Pampered Chef MLM review, then good for you!

But before we get started, take a look at my hot cash fan:

cash fan

Yeah… you can use it to wipe the sweat off your brow and any other body part IF your brain is supple enough to digest and soak up the online coaching opportunity that I’m throwing at you.

Want in on the sexy?

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Welcome to the sexiest mlm review on How to become a Pampered Chef Consultant.  It’s time to get our Bamming on!

What is Pampered Chef?

The Pampered Chef is a classic multi level marketing business that settles women into the kitchen (and men) with usable tools that you can use manually or even some come with batteries (ooohh ahhh!)

Pampered Chef is like the beefed up, thick necked man friend of Tupperware who offers cooking products and utensils to help make your cooking life the sexiest it can be.

Pampered Chef Ain’t Your Grandma’s MLM.

Making commissions off of the Pampered Chef Consultant Agreement is a Hot Deal if you know how to maximize your PC consultant opportunity by building up your downline with eager beaver pampered chef consultants.

Pampered Chef Consultant Review

If you know anyone who loves the saucy of sauciest in the kitchen, there is no doubt they’ve rubbed their fingers across some seriously sexy Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools.

Depending on where they were when they had their “first time” doing it, they may or may not have been propositioned by Pampered Chef Representatives who were way too eager to get more pleasure pleasing products in your pretty precious hands.

They tell you all the things that their sexy little pimpy kitchen tools can do to knock your pants off to make your life a lot better in the kitchen.

What they don’t tell you is how the Pampered Chef Opportunity is likely not the best way for you to make money at home because you don’t have any mlm, direct sales or network marketing experience.

It might be because they are true mlm pimps or simply (and more likely) they are mlm hos.

Anyone can be a Pampered Chef Consultant but to be a Pampered Chef Pimp,  you need to know how to really promote a business opportunity, how to grow your team of consultants and how to find someone else besides your street corner or neighborhood to buy your sexy slammin’ tools

pampered chef consultant reviews

Pimping out the Pampered Chef Consultant Opportunity

For new Pampered Chef Consultants, you need to spend some cash, but relax, it’s not the kind of cash you spend in Vegas for that sexy Escort who tames your wild beastly desires.

It’s only costs one Ben Franklin to get started.  If you want to maximize and super size, then you can spend $150ish.  In a perfect world the “MAX” is the right size for most.  You should be able to party and promote your catchy kitchen enhancers no problem.

But your honeymoon and exotic tingling touches will subside once you run out of family and friends to bring into your Pampered orgy (aka The Pampered Chef Home Party). You’ll have to find more ways to entice them to come again and again and some will just leave you and they may even break up with you and block you from facebook because they’ve had just about enough of your Pampered Pushin tactics.

You are a Pampered Chef Dealer who needs more skills than standing on the Facebook street corner and pushing people to your Pampered Chef Consultant website where anyone is welcome.

pampered chef mlmLucky you right?  You get to pay an extra $10 a month for your little Pampered Chef hotel where you can tantalize your prospects with the rather unimpressive Pampered Chef Website.

It’s like a brochure to the hottest place in town and when you arrive, all your excitement and exuberance falls limp.


Because if you don’t have a website that gets it’s own traffic, you’re still feeling up your facebook page for a quick fix.

You might even get desperate enough to pierce your skin with metal and tie it up to start to attract the more kinky crowd.

How’s that going to work for you?

Are you willing to pimp yourself out when all other avenues are taken?

Why torture yourself like this?

You’re going to need to know how to set up and optimize your website…and that’s exactly what the online coaching opportunity that I do does….but let’s not sex you up with the goods on that yet…keep reading.


Pampered Chef Consultant Pros

Some of the perky positives of joining the Pampered Chef Opportunity are that you get to enjoy their products at a discounted rate.

The Pampered Chef Products vary from baking supplies, kitchen gadets, cutting boards and a whole slew of other kitchen tools.

All of them have the Pampered chef logo on them and in some cases, you’ll be feeling like that’s all you’re paying for, especially when you look at their hand chopper.

The Pampered Chef Website is pretty nice and almost looks like a food network site but it does have products listed along with the prices.

Getting the Pampered Chef Consultant Discount is one of the main reasons people joi the Pampered Chef business opportunity.

How much can you make with Pampered Chef?

How much money you make with Pampered Chef is really dependent on how much you sell and how many people you can convince to join your downline. Like most mlm companies, you have to purchase a certain amount of Pampered Chef product each month.

The lowest amount of money that you can spend (in personal sales) and still make money with Pampered Chef is by buying $150 worth of Pampered Chef products.

In addition to making a percentage on what you sell, you also make money on the sales of those in your downline and extra bonsues made for doing things like building your company fast, getting people in your downline to make new rank.

Cooking Is HOT

The Pampered Chef opportunity makes the sexy mlm list because they offer something you can’t resist….something different.

And different is good.

In a world of multi level marketing where the companies are mostly in the health industry, it’s a relief to see one that is focused on enhancing the sex appeal of one room your home: The Kitchen.


No other room in the house makes you sensuously salivate like the kitchen. And with any good things that rocks your body and gets you going, you want to treat it with the best treatment and gifts that you can.

Pampered Chef lets you do that.

Hot Cookware.  Eye Candy. A hot Teddy dressed waitress using these sexy tools.

Yeah..Pampered Chef can be hot BUT you have to know how to use it.

The Reasons That Becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant Can Leave You Dry

Although we think hot tools in a kitchen is something that makes our legs shake and our toes curl, The Bamsite.com crew is able to find a few things that are total turn offs.

MLM Blue Balls or Maybe a Flick on the Nuts.

Yeah..you’re read it right.  Inevitably, the Pampered Chef Biz Op is going to leave you out to dry and you’re not going want to keep on with the relationship unless you have the skills to handle it

When you first join Pampered Chef as a consultant, you will realize that you need to access your warm market (your friends and family).

It’s like marrying your cousin.

Everyone knows it’s not right, but you do it anyways and people tolerate all of your facebook rants and romps.

Then one day, the well runs dry. You start dressing up more, putting on the sex appeal and becoming crazy desperate like that girlfriend from high school who gave you everything and begged you to take her virginity.

You’re a school girl now.

It works for a couple more house parties and then, you’re dry again.

People who use to like you, avoid you.

Now you’re the girl with the hot looks from behind and the scary face from the front.  They liked you at first but now they go around corners and other hallways to avoid you at all costs.

You are now like over 80% of the network marketing failures out there.  You lost your battle because you never took the time to learn some basic online skills that will make your body rock again.

If you have sexy brains…

In the mlm world, sex in your brains is HOT….and that’s what bamsite is here for.  We help you get your luscious white and gray matter in our hands and full of some steamy sexy knowledge of how to increase your opportunity to make more money online without pimping out your lobes.

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And I promise you it wasn’t from standing on a street corner hoping for some warm leads.

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About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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