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Sexy MLM: ZynTravel Reviews

HOT ZynTravel Review – Check out this fresh new luscious mlm company.

You know you love to travel.

There’s just something sexy about being able to go where you want and if you could mix that with more money or residual income, you get to go on our Bamsite hottie list.

ZynTravel has made our hot mlms list (the very first to make it) because it’s got all of your bases covered:

  1. Money
  2. Traveltravel mlm
  3. Freedom

But even though that’s what this mlm company promises to deliver, is it really something you or I can do with our super luscious brain cells?

Let’s find out via the hottest ZynTraval Reveiw and Compensation Plan Article around.

Is ZynTravel a legit mlm business opportunity or is it another mlm scam?

At Bamsite, we look over our hotties and dig deep to see what makes our mlm in review tick.


ZynTravel Review – Business Information

Website: http://zyndio.com

Weird that it doesn’t say ZynTravel Huh?  ZynTravel is aka Zyndio.

Everywhere I looked on the internet, including the official ZynTravel website, I was taken to this Zyndio.com page.

If you check out the ZynTravel Company button, you find a bunch of propaganda of how wonderful this travel mlm opportunity is and how you, your business and your family will benefit from joining ZynTravel.

After checking out some ZynTravel Reviews, I discovered that one mlm review website “Jesse Singh” found that the owner of www.zyndio.com is actually a former Vemma member.

If you know anything about hot mlms, you know that Vemma is in a hot mess right now.  No amount of sexy will woe over the eyes of the feds on this one, so this is something that gives people, who already think mlms are scams, a surefire bit of ammunition to scream to the rooftops that “ZynTravel is a Scam”.

What a shame because ZynTravel is barely born as I write this email.

Will ZynTravel be shut down by the Feds  like Vemma and have people yelling about it being a pyramid scheme?  Only time will tell.

The ZynTravel Network Marketing Company is so new that it is actually hard to say much of anything about the ZynTravel Leader or the ZynTravel Associates.

So what does ZynTravel Sell? Do they have a legitimate business opportunity here or will ZynTravel leave us with blueballs in the bedroom?

Let’s find out..

ZynTravel Review – Zyn Travel Products

ZynTravel is a travel mlm that is in charge and running close to 65,000 resorts and over 200,00 hotels across the world.  As a ZynTravel member, you may get up to 85% off of these luxury vacation locations.

So, what is the ZynTravel Mlm Comp Plan?  What does it look like?zyntravel

To Join ZynTravel, you have to buy an affiliate membership (like with many mlm companies) and you are given credit when you sign up.

The ZynTravel Signup Packages are as follows:

  • ZynTravel Silver- $69.95 for $75 in travel credit
  • ZynTravel Gold – $219.98 for $300 in Travel Credit
  • Zyn Travel Platinum – $469.98 for $750 in travel credit.


I hope you can see exactly how ZynTravel is set up  from the information above here. With that type of pricing  it’s a sexy enticer for sure.  ZynTravel is trying to warm you up and get you rubbed down sweet to purchase their optimum package which offers the biggest Value and savings.

It’s the mlm way, but I have to admit….ZynTravel is a serious Pimp Daddy when it comes to enticing you to purchase the larger package for travel credit volume/ bonus.

AS long as you take a vacation, so far ZynTravel looks like a sexy sumptuous business option to make extra money.

But how do you make money with ZynTravel if you’re spending it on these package?

ZynTravel Review – The Zyn Travel Compensation Plan,

So I’m sure it will come as no surprise as we peel back the bed sheets on ZynTravel that it is a travel mom company that pays you commissions based on sponsoring others to join your the ZynTravel opportunity with you.

You basically work as a ZynTravel affiliate.

Here’s a neat ZynTravel Video for ya:


ZynTravel is very much like all the other mlms.  They included commission and bonuses based on what levels your sponsors sign up:

ZynTravel Commission:

If you Sign up a Silver, you get 25% of the sale, Gold – 50% commission and the Platinum you get 100% commission.

I would be skeptical of ZynTravel after looking at this not so hot ZynTravel Comp plan.

When you receive 100% commission on their largest package, most people will automatically work to see that more often and focus more on recruiting other affiliates rather than product because the reward is higher. This unfortunately indicates a lack of real value in the ZynTravel product.

This throws up a red flag for me.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s no that I don’t like hot red colored mlms…but these days, the only red I like to see is in my stiletto heals.

But wait…don’t let me confuse you…the commissions listed above are actually the percentage of the amount that ZynTravel brings in.

It’s still a confusing mlm pay plan so don’t get ready to cuddle under that blanket with your favorite old t-shirt and the ZynTravel money you earn just yet.

You get paid by Zyn Travel when you recruit new ZynTravel members up to two levels (down really).

The ZynTravel Pay plan states the following:

  • Sponsor a Silver Member – Level 1 = $10, Level 2 – $2.50
  • Gold ZynTravel – Level 1$40, Level 2 $10
  • Zyn Platinum – $90 Level 1, %22.50 Level 2

Like many mlm companies out there, you earn righteous residual income from the members that you refer.

The Zyn Travel mlm has the following positions in their pay matrix;

You at the top spot with 3 spots for your 1st level and 9 spots for your 2nd level (3 spots of levels ones for your own 3 level 1  ZynTravel Districutors(3×3))


You are paid on the level that you have in your ZynTravel Company.

Once you fill up your matrix on each tier you get paid the following:sexy money

Silver – $150

Gold – $600

Platinum $1350


You have to sponsor 3 ZynTravel Affiliates.  After you get paid, you start over in the matrix again.

Confused yet?

Once you get through so many cycles you can start to earn 25% matching on level 1 personally enrolled ZynTravel Customers and 10% on your Level 2 Memebers.

The LifeStyle Bonus for ZynTravel is a little bit different in that it offers different products.  You can earn and iPAD mini, GoPro Hero Camera, MacBook Air, Mastermind Session to help you grow and of course a car and some cash depending on how many cycles you go through with ZynTravel.

Each Membership level costs an additional $13 a month ($12.99)


ZynTravel Review – Should I join ZynTravel?

Well, deciding if you should join ZynTravel depends on how hot of a travel mlm you want to be involved in.

You won’t have to worry about product returns or shipping per say but you are still joining a mlm where ultimately you are going to be in it to make money by recruiting others to join the ZynTravel Business Opportunity.

It seems like a business made to recruit people to join the business opportunity rather than sell the product is one of those FTC issues that can get you shut down, like they did with Vemma. (not sexy)

I know a way sexier way to make money online without having to recruit members and you can make money in the same day you join if you’re “gung ho” enough.

I have certainly seen it happen.

The Network Marketing Opportunity I’m partial too consists of millionaire mentors that spend their days helping me get rich. (yes…I’m not kidding)

You learn how to rank your own sites, how to create leads in your own desired area (mlm or not) and how to sell those leads for a profit or how to continue to add value to your site and sell the whole site for some fast money.

The skills you learn are far better than any SEO guys I’ve met locally and they all wonder how in the heck I’m beating them out….and I’m hardly seen as competition. I just own it.


I’ve more than tripled my investment within 6 month of getting my millionaire mentors and now I’m super stocked on turning you on to them too!

My mentors started this new business model well over a year ago and have people earning 6 figures already. Actually we have 5 figure months in this group and to see a couple grand being earned is common place for a lot of our new mentees. (proof coming asap…keep your eyes out for it in the tabs)

While you’re waiting for the awesome and sexy testimonials, remember this:

Nothing will make you money if you don’t put in the time.  A time investment is huge and part of ther eason people fail at most things …including mlms.

If you are truly looking to start an online business, you have to put in some true time and investment.

If you do what your millionaire mentors say, you can easily make thousands in the next couple months and yes…you can even leave that annoying day job of yours.

You’ll start to profit almost immediately by following their well documented and new step by step business training and have access to some of the most successful 6 and 7 figure earners in the industry.

Hook me Up with you Email and I’ll give you more information about the Millionaire Mentoring and Partnership I use to learn how to rank bad ass sites like this and make schweet money on the side.

If you already know you want to ride this lady beast of a Net with me and learn how to rank and bank, then hop on a call and let’s talk some strategy.


About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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