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Tomboy Tools – Project Home Review

Tomboy Tools. Sexy Idea. Not so Sexy Presentation.

I mean come on ladies.  I love a good tomboy story just like you, but when I meet a real hot Tomboy and when a super Hot Tomboy has Tools…you better bet that I fully expect her to know how to use them!

Tomboy Tools, (or now known as Project Home) is a Tool or Do it Yourself MLM that sells pink tools.  That’s pretty much it. (personally…I like em red)

They claim to have an educational part to their mlm business opportunity but I wouldn’t get too hot and bothered about that.  Just checking out their “Education” tab is depressing to say the least.

Then, to try the videos?  Way to slow of an upload time and the Imagery is Old and icky like the homes a Tomboy would want to renovate.

In researching for this Tomboy Tools Review, I did run across some interesting quotes about making your life better and doing things for yourself.

It almost feels like Tomboy Tools was made for women from the 1950’s.

Think about it.  Do women these days really need empowerment and inspirational quotes to be courted into buying pink tools?

I say no.

A true hottie of a TomBoy would not be excited about selling tools and would be more inclined to make killer videos of DIY videos instead.

I would totally be into teaching a group of women how to lay tile, but Tomboy Tools?  Their instructions are sad to say the least and quite honestly, it looks like something they just threw up.  Who in the world would want tile that was half assed like the instructions.

NOT I said the totally hot chick named Charlie.


The Tomboy Tools Company – AKA “Project Home”

If you click on the Tomboy Tools website, whether you are looking for the Tomboy Login info or whether you are looking to Join the Tomboy Tools Opportuinty, you will be immediately directed from www.tomboytools.com to http://www.projecthome.us/.

It would be confusing if you didn’t know what was going on. Good thing you know about my sexy mlm review site eh?

Tomboy Tools, to my astonishment received the accolade of being one of the top 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine in the past years and is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Although becoming the member of the DSA is a good thing to do and makes you appear more legit (not like Olympic Idea),  I’m not sure I totally approve.

The Tomboy Tools Inc. site is sorely outdated and made of small print images that are hard to read at times.

The reason they changed their name to Project Home was because they wanted to be more than just a mlm that sells pink toys but also want to show women how to maintain and beautify their homes by keeping them organized.

They came up with a new tag line: “Making Your Vision Real”.  (Just like all the other mlms huh?)  Why couldn’t they say something like this instead:

“Bad Ass MLM Company that brings balls to women hands that remodel homes and bust a nasty organizing festish that their spouse’s can’t resist.”

Now wouldn’t that make you take a second look?

You know I’m right.

The CEO, Janet Rickstrew, has stated that they will continue to sell the tools and are excited for growing to a wider scope and vision.  That’s all find and good but that was said more than a year ago and all I see is still a bunch of little pussy tools (sorry..but it’s true…..even as a women…I want a BIG tool…not a little wussy pink hammer….Although..I do like the pink…but make it BIG!)

Surprisingly Tomboy Tools has been around since 2002 and has offered the women mlm business opportunity since that time.  It has over 1000 Home Tool Consultants in the US and Canada (not real big for how long they’ve been around).

They are supposed to have six additional catagories for their Project Home change over which include:

  1. Safety/Security
  2. Beatification (Painting, Picture Hanging, Cabinet Hardware)
  3. Organization
  4. Outdoor (Gardening, Mosaic Tile)
  5. Tool School
  6. Home Maintenance

They are supposed to be offering the mlm products that go along with these types of catagories as well but when I checked out the Tomboy Tools /Project Home website, I only saw the Pink Tool Bags being promoted along with the fact that they donate over $300,000 to charity each year.

They did offer fire extinguishers and First Aid Kits but that is hardly going from a direction of tools to “project home” status.  In addition to that, the website message when you scroll is clearly Tomboy Tools.

Interestingly, Tomboy Tools joined Longaberger MLM as a CVSL company in 2013. CVSL is a company that includes several mlms such as: Your Inspiration At Home, Agel Enterprises, Ageless mlm, Paperly, My Secret Kitchen, Uppercase Living (review coming soon), and Golden Girls. All of them are associated with womanly things.  I’m will write a hot Uppercase Living Review next because I do like inspirational quotes and vinyl lettering.  I’ll pass on Paperly though. 


The Tomboy Tools Products

If you haven’t already discovered my skepticism of this mlm opportunity, you haven’t read enough of my mlm reviews.

My first big issue is that I feel a true Tomboy (yes..me…but still sexy) would much rather handle a big tool that works rather than one that will break.

You can’t tell me that a petite pink hammer will drive a nail in a stud (oohhh..kinky!) than a nice hard and huge head of a manly hammer like Craftsman sells.

I absolutely hate cheap hammers and I know without a doubt that a silly little hammer from Tomboy Tools would not help me put siding on my house in any ways shape or form. (yes…I’ve done that)

What perturbs me even further is that the tools come with instructions like all Tomboys are ding dongs.

What’s wrong with sexpots being superior craftsmen as well?

Anyways…to have a hammer with instruction like: “to hang pictures with” and “repair fencing” is just laughable to my superiorly curvy and vivacious brain nodes.

The cost of the products are so low of a cost that I just can’t imagine the quality being there for long term tool use.

Tomboy Tools and Product Home Review

The Tomboy Tool Business Opportunity

Rather than host a Tomboy Tool Party, I think I would much rather slip on my sexy jeans, a nice leather tool belt and some tile trowels and show a bunch of drooling and slobbering man idiots how to get laid (with tile of course).

Nothing make me fill more powerful than showing Nerd Men how to handle tools and how to properly lay tile or hang drywall.

To throw a proper Tomboy in the middle of a DIY house party with a bunch of girly women who have no idea how to handle their caulk just makes my skin crawl.

True Tomboys have no problems with caulk handling and don’t need instructions on how to see if their drive shaft needs work.

If you sell $200 of product (which I would likely do better selling to men with my tantalizing tool skills) you get another item up to half the cost.  Selling $500 gets you some more free stuff and 10% off.

What in the world are you going to do with tools?  Tomboy Tools have limited products. They do offer a personal website for $13/ month. I wouldn’t get too excited though.  Their original website, as previously stated, is outdated and make me want to hurl.

The Tomboy Tools Starter Kit and Compensation Plan

Let me say something clear so you hear it.

DO NOT join this opportunity if you want to be a part of the hot mlm company crowd.

Actually..I can one up that statement…don’t join any mlm right now.

You need to learn how to drive traffic first.

Do that…and this sexy beast of an internet monster if all yours to do with what you please.

But if you still insist on joining and want to know more about the Tomboy Tools comp plan, then know this:

You can earn free product and up to 30% off of your sales of pink tools. (That you can buy at sears btw)

Here are the Tomboy Tools Starter Kits to Get Your Pink Tool Business Rockin’

Home Management Kit – $29

Home Management starter kits are pretty cheap but comes with no tools except for a tape measure.  Eh…here’s what you get:

  • 25 Tomboy Tools catalogs
  • 25 Project House order forms
  • Downloadable HMS material
  • and of course, the little pink tape measure keychain (awww)

Customer Appreciation Club Kit – $249

  • 5 Tomboy Tools homeowner kits that have your embroidered name on it
  • 25 Project House catalogs
  • 500 home maintenance system cards
  • 2 direct home party selling packets
  • 50 order forms

Standard Business Starter Kit – $129

This kit comes with some tools (unlike the others)

  • Tomboy Traveler Kit
  • Tomboy Caulking gun (My Fav)
  • Tomboy Tools Mini Razor scraper
  • 5 in 1 paint tool by Project Home
  • Ergonomic paint kit
  • 2-piece ergonomic paintbrush set
  • Picture perfect level
  • Demo board
  • 50 Project Home catalogs
  • 50 guest Tomboy Tools order forms
  • 3 host packets

Premium Business Starter Kit – $289

Should Join Tomboy Tools

If you like mediocre, then join mediocre and in my opinion, Tomboy Tools is a mediocre opportunity.Tomboy Tools Review


Just check out the website and tell me I’m wrong.

As a matter of a fact, check out their blog. The last posting was well over a year ago.

Why would you join a mlm opportunity that doesn’t even take care of themselves?

Stupid silly.



Why join a multi level marketing company if you are offered a more solid work at home opportunity that kicks the blue balls off of a Rodeo Bull?

You wouldn’t.

Please don’t.

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About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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