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Hey what’s up…Charlie here.

You’re probably wondering what is with all the sexiness.

Here’s the deal.

I’m having an affair with the internet and because I’m a public figure, I’ve gotta hide behind something, so why not a bunch of sexy babes.

I may or may not be hidden in here behind a mask. Let’s just leave it at that. If you find out where to meet me…then you’ll know the real me even more…but until that happens…deal with the masks and the sexy babes.

I’m sure you won’t mind.

After all, it’s called a BamSite and my intentions are to show you how to rock the $%3# outta this sexy internet so you can stop throwing cash at her and get her to pay you.

It’s time for you to be a pimp.

Join me.banging the net


You know you want to.

Here’s what you need to expect when you start hooking up with my site:

  1. More information than you can handle that it might almost be orgasmic.
  2. Enticing Photos for your viewing pleasure because let’s face it, the internet and the mlm world needs some sexy and it’s about time we use it in a good way to show you how to make money rather than for some freaky porn king who makes money in dirty hotels. I’ll be classier than that.
  3. Openess. It’s like a relationship between you and my site. You cheat on her…she won’t care but you’ll feel like a dumbass because there will be secrets in here to help you conquer your inadequacies that continue to make you poor. Don’t be a dumbass. This baby will treat you better than you can even imagine.
  4. Genuine, Raw and I don’t give a crap what you think because honestly…I’m making money with this sexy beast and if you’re smart, you’ll want to learn to tame your own.

That’s all I can really think of for now.

Are you intrigued already and want to join my little rockin’ spot of the world where millionaires bump words and let you feel up the internet and show you how to pocket her goods?


Put your sexy email in my box and I’ll take it from there…

Not ready for the heat?


No problem. I’ll keep banging out this site while you sit on your sad slumpy couch wondering why you can’t get any cash from your lousy and limpy website. (Poor thing).


Thanks for feelin’ me up!




About the author: Charlie is a chick who is working on her first million by heeding the advice of her millionaire coaches.

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